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About the Infosec IQ knowledgebase category 1 March 2, 2020
Allowlisting in Microsoft / Office 365

Introduction to Advanced Delivery The Advanced Delivery policy will ensure that our simulated phishing templates will be successfully delivered and achieve the following results: Filters in EOP and Microsoft Defender f…

1 July 28, 2021
PhishNotify and Quarantine 1 September 17, 2020
Installing PhishNotify XML for Office 365 and Outlook 1 September 4, 2020
PhishSim Campaigns

PhishSim Campaigns Table of Contents PhishSim Campaigns Campaign Details Create a Campaign Edit a Campaign Draft Clone a Campaign Start a Campaign Stop a Campaign Delete a Campaign Manage Learners Manage Learners Using …

1 August 20, 2020
Learner Sync and Automation

Learner Sync and Automation Introduction Infosec IQ provides the capability to synchronize your list of learners and their attributes with Active Directory, Azure AD, or other user directory environments through multiple…

1 October 19, 2020
Configure Active Directory Sync 1 August 20, 2020
AwareEd Campaigns

Campaigns Table of Contents AwareEd Campaigns Campaign Details Create a Campaign Edit a Campaign Draft Clone a Campaign Start a Campaign Stop a Campaign Delete a Campaign Manage Learners in a Campaign Manage Learners Us…

1 October 9, 2020
Managing Learners 1 August 17, 2020
Additional M365/Exchange Allowlist Rules 1 December 6, 2021
Configure Azure Active Directory Sync 1 October 19, 2020
Allowlisting in Proofpoint 1 December 11, 2020
Installing PhishNotify for Outlook (32-bit or 64-bit MSI) 1 September 4, 2020
SAML SSO with Azure Active Directory 1 October 6, 2020
Allowlisting in Mimecast 1 September 10, 2020
Using PhishNotify on Outlook (Desktop/Web/Mobile)

Using PhishNotify for Outlook Table of Contents Introduction Reporting Emails from the Outlook Desktop Application Reporting Emails in Outlook Web Application (OWA) Reporting Emails in Outlook Mobile (iOS) Reporting Ema…

1 September 4, 2020
Direct SMTP Setup in Microsoft / Office 365 1 October 5, 2020
Managing Groups 1 August 21, 2020
Campaign Notification Settings 1 September 30, 2020
PhishSim Email and Data Entry Template Variables 1 August 18, 2020
Allowlisting in Barracuda 1 November 17, 2020
Cybersecurity Culture Survey 1 March 15, 2021
AwareEd Frequently Asked Questions

AwareEd Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) How do I extend a running campaign? Where do I get a learner’s AwareEd training link? How do I send out a notification to a specific learner? How to add learners to an existing c…

1 October 22, 2020
PhishHunter Overview

PhishHunter Overview Table of Contents Introduction Analyst Console Notifications Orchestration Center Introduction In order to use PhishHunter learners must use PhishNotify™ to report emails. PhishHunter analyzes link…

1 September 25, 2020
PhishSim Email Templates 1 August 17, 2020
PhishSim Frequently Asked Questions

PhishSim Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What does Sent vs. Delivered email status mean? How do I configure a blind campaign so that the learner receives no follow-up? On weekly Infosec IQ Reports, why do blind campaig…

1 October 22, 2020
Introduction to Infosec IQ

Introduction to Infosec IQ Infosec IQ is an online learning platform that combines a phishing simulator and computer-based security awareness training system in one easy-to-use cloud-based service. Infosec IQ allows you…

1 August 20, 2020
Assessments and Question Library 1 September 28, 2020
Account Users 1 September 28, 2020
Bounced Emails 1 October 27, 2020