Creating, editing and deleting learner groups

Groups help organize the learners on your Infosec Skills team so you can easily assign them content and report on their training progress.

This article contains three sections:

  • How to create a new group
  • How to add learners to a group
  • How to view, edit and delete groups

How to create a new group

  1. From the menu at the top select Teams > Learner management.

  2. Click the blue “Add New” button and select “New group.

  3. Enter a name for your new group and select “Create Group.

How to add learners to a group

  1. Navigate back to the Learner management dashboard.

  2. Select any learners you want to add to a group by selecting the checkbox next to the learner’s name.

  3. Use the dropdown to choose which group you’d like to add the selected learners to.

  4. Once the group is selected, click “Add to group.

How to view, edit and delete groups

  1. From the Learner management* dashboard, make sure the “Groups” tab is selected.

  2. Select the group you’d like to view, edit or delete.

  3. To make changes to a learner within the group, click the “” next to the learner’s status to revoke license, remove from group or edit user details.

  4. To delete the current group, click the blue “Delete group” link in the lower right corner.

Confirm you want to delete the group by selecting “Yes, Delete Group.