Google Suite SSO Configuration

Configuring Google Workspace for SSO Learner Authentication

  1. Login to the Google Workspace Admin Console
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Select SAML apps.
  4. Click the Add App drop-down menu and select Add custom SAML app.
  5. Input a name of your choice for the app such as “Infosec Skills SSO” and click Continue.
  6. Click on the Download Metadata to save the xml file, then click Continue. You will need this file on a later step.
  7. On the Service provider details page, complete the following:
  • Input the ACS URL: the ACS URL located on your Skills Teams Single Sign-On page.
  • Input the Entity ID: the Service Provider Metadata URL located in Skills Teams Single Sign-On Page.
  • Ensure that the “signed response” checkbox is checked.
  • Change the Name ID format to “EMAIL”.
  • Ensure that the Name ID is set to “Basic Information > Primary email”. Then click Continue.

8. On the Attributes page, click on Add Mapping to add the following three attributes, then click Finish.

Google Directory attributes App attributes
Primary email email
First name first_name
Last name last_name


  1. Back on the main page of your new SSO app in Google Workspace, click on User access and select ON for everyone, then click Save.
  2. Open the GoogleIDPMetadata XML file that you downloaded earlier and copy the raw XML (we recommend opening with a web browser; right-click and “open with”).
  3. In your web browser, right-click on the metadata and select “view page source”. Copy the code.
  4. Paste the copied code into the below raw XML text box in the Infosec Skills Teams Single-Sign On page (
  5. Then click on the green Enable button on the right to save the settings.