Infosec Skills FAQ

Below is a list of common questions about Skills. Answers to questions will link to the related knowledgebase articles. Take a look, your question may already be answered.

Question Answer
How do I upload learners to my team? Learners can be added via CSV upload or individual users by clicking the Add New button under Learner Management. To add a single user click Add New then the New Member - Single selection.
How do I upload learners into the platform? Do not modify the header row of this template or it will prevent the upload from completing successfully. The learner attributes we request in the template are first name, last name, email, title, and department.
Do I need to add learners to a group? It is recommended to add learners to a group. There are filters within your team by department and title for reporting and other views. A group will need to be created to assign those learners a Learning Path. Note: assigning content is by group only (cannot be assigned by team).
My Learner didn’t receive an invitation email. How do I send another one? From Teams > Learner Management additional options for resending a training link or to copy the invitation URL.
How do I assign training to my team? Individual courses or labs cannot be assigned to an individual learner. Infosec Skills allows you to assign learning paths to a group and if needed a group can consist of one single learner. If you wish to assign a single course that course should be added to a custom learning path and then assigned. Individual videos or labs cannot be assigned to the learning path independently of a Course or Cyber Range.